Make an automatic wallpaper app with Python

Laptop and phone on desk
Laptop and phone on desk
Photo by Aleksander Vlad on Unsplash.

Today, as a sequel to my latest article, you’ll learn some new web scraping tricks with a new project: an app that automatically finds a nice desktop wallpaper and applies it to your Windows machine in Python.

Why? Well, having the same wallpaper every day is quite boring, don’t you think?

So, what will we need?

A Source of Images

This is pretty important.

For our image source, we’ll need a website that has a collection of images with a suitable resolution and that are of high quality. It shouldn’t use JavaScript to load the images because then we wouldn’t be able to use…

Master the practice of extracting data from a website as efficiently as possible.

Image of person at keyboard
Image of person at keyboard
Photo by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash

It’s pretty much automated copy/pasting, and it turns out it has some really quite useful applications. The web is packed with valuable information and resources, but it takes time and effort for a human to find and process that, which is why the practice of web scraping is popular.

Make your own automated, niche Twitter feed

A Macbook displaying the Twitter logo in a browser.
A Macbook displaying the Twitter logo in a browser.
Photo by MORAN on Unsplash

Twitter-feed bots are often spammy and don’t particularly contribute anything to the platform. They’re just a nuisance in general. Even so, if you do it right, they can be a valuable resource for attracting specific audiences according to your niche (more on that later).

So how do you make a useful, nonspammy Twitter bot?

You’re in the right place. Read on and learn how to create your very own personalized Twitter news feed.

Before we get started, I’d like to explain why this is a good idea.

A study by Beevolve showed that, in effect, more tweets = more followers.

A wireless solution for casting Spotify, YouTube, and more, to the Raspberry Pi

Smart TVs are great and all, but they’re often pricey, clunky, and the more budget ones tend to be limited in functionality.

Wouldn’t a Raspberry Pi be a perfect alternative to an expensive, limited, Smart TV device, with its low power consumption, HDMI capability, wireless abilities, and ultimately unlimited potential?

Well, it turns out — yes! It is the perfect alternative. Read on to find out how your Pi can stand in as a wireless media streaming centre.

For this project we will utilize a few pre-existing…

Antivirus programs work by comparing files that you download or run to known malicious software. When you run an executable, your antivirus will scan it before it is executed.

This is effective — for most viruses.

Runtime compilation is a method that allows text to be compiled and executed as code at runtime.

If you are familiar with Python you might have seen the eval function, which allows you to send a string to the Python interpreter. This is not entirely the same because Python is interpreted rather than compiled, but it is a good example to explain the concept.

In 2017, DZone wrote a really cool article about a windows exploit that a German student discovered that takes advantage of the trusted binary ‘fodhelper.exe’ that is a part of windows. It is located in System32 and is signed by Microsoft, so when you run it, the UAC prompt (pictured below), which is normally required to run a program as an administrator, is not required.

uac prompt

The student found that fodhelper.exe looks for additional commands to execute in these two registry keys:


and that he could manipulate the contents of those keys to execute any command he wanted with…

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